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Zombie March 2013

I never thought I would want to follow a bunch of zombies around. I get the impression they’ll just turn around and actually eat me at some point. Or puncture my soul with some dagger.

But when the opportunity arose to see them up close and in the flesh (so to speak), I jumped on it and headed to the holy refuge of Mr and Mrs Tourist: Millennium Park of all places for the 2013 Chicago Zombie March.

This is an involved process. The march technically started at 3p, but already at 1p people were gathered at the Great Lawn for makeup, which I learned isn’t limited to the face region.

Putting on the final touches

Then you move on to working your way through different themes:


The curly haired zombie Hockey masked

Blood thirstyGigglersChewed up bowler

Gas masked zombieShirtless

And don’t forget to get the kiddies involved. They might want to vamp, too!

Little girl zombieLittle girl zombie chasing

Then you’re ready to march!


Marching forward


And, if you have time, you terrorize the locals. How would they cope with the invasion?

Another quince attack

Attacking the quince princess


And that gets us through to the actual march. I didn’t stay for that bit, instead moving away to look at more precious things I understood:

Fascinating bubble

UPDATE: Some of these photos made it to the Chicagoist website. Very cool!