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019/365: LC Smith No 5

019/365: LC Smith No 5

I am not a materialistic person, but this one of my two most favorite pieces. A humble servant of an bygone office area, she works like brand new and is used on a semi-regular basis to type letters. What a joy.

010/365: I obey


Today I spent some of my bonus money on a superficial upgrade. About six people are interested in this upgrade. Two of whom have passed away. None of them are me.


I don’t feel like myself in a suit. Or long sleeve shirts. Or thongs. I feel comfortable in comfortable clothes. I like laying on the floor without having to worry about crushed baby Cheerios or dog pee.

And so…

I am a good boy. And good boys obey.

009/365: Ollie Pesca Fish



For my fun-day Friday challenge I decided to take a fish of our silent (but deadly) goldfish Ollie. He silently watches us eat, get ready in the morning and is fascinated by our nine-month old in the only way a fish can be.

007/365: Childs’ play


We take a moment to pause after taking our nine-month old to the doctor for a bump on her head. The three of us played with this, not only as a distraction but because we were having fun.

005/365: A new coffee treat

005/365: A new coffee treat


I am a venti non-fat, no-water, one-shot Chai tea latte kinda guy. And I am always on the search for something new. And that’s this delicious drink: Taste Cafe’s Spanish Latte, which is a regular latte but sweetened with sweetened condensed milk.

004/365: Unused by snow


The first big snow of 2015 blankets out backyard and makes the disused furniture seem out of place.

002/365: Abandoned food


I was pretty shocked walking by a bus shelter with a couple bags of perfectly good food sitting there. Had they fallen out of the bag? Forgotten by someone?

These were sitting here — not staged, moved or altered.

Who would do that?

Painting the sky

After a few days of dreary cloudful skies, it opens up to give us a glorious sunset in the suburbs.

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Watching me, watching you

One of the squirrels in the backyard attacks a pumpkin like it was the last meal of the year. Which considering the weather in November it might have been his last chance to score some winter viddles.

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Ant on the march

Heading north on the leaf.

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