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Why we didn’t have internet

Comcast’s brilliance knows few limits. Case in point this is the junction box in our alley. There used to be a pole here, but it rotted and needed to be moved. So the rats nest of Comcast and AT&T coexist precariously.

Oddly that is not the reason for the lack of service. It was guessed that another Comcast technician came to service someone else’s home and literally cut our line at 9:26a Tuesday. Never bothered to reconnect it. Never bothered to alert us.

Unbelievable. Never mind trying to get service, but my skillful partner made her anger known and out came Comcast on a Sunday to fix it. Adding insult to injury we noticed the Comcast van in our alley twice since then doing the exact same thing.

Idiots. As a company they should be utterly embarrassed to cash my checks every month. And in Chicago you have no other choice. Thank you SEC. I would love to complain but the government is shut down.