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Trying to get through

Somedays I feel like this plant — trying to bloom through a heavy blanket of cement and pushback.

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The rainy drive

Headed home when the rain hit. Since we were literally stopped i grabbed the camera, opened the window and cranked up the shutter speed.

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Jessie White Tumbler in mid air

Who I assume are the owners or the folks who run Eli’s are here — and in awe.

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Proud of my ride

A gentleman sits in the shade enjoying the Corvette he brought today.

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043/366: Good evening, moon

It’s so beautiful to see the moon out on such a crystal, clear night.

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Painting the sky

After a few days of dreary cloudful skies, it opens up to give us a glorious sunset in the suburbs.

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Watching me, watching you

One of the squirrels in the backyard attacks a pumpkin like it was the last meal of the year. Which considering the weather in November it might have been his last chance to score some winter viddles.

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Ant on the march

Heading north on the leaf.

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The lonely bench

It’s too early in the season to sit here, but someone has walked around it, into the forest.

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