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Ford Thunderbird: The incomparable retro car

Ford Thunderbird: The incomparable retro car

I have always been love or hate with Fords but lately it’s love. This retro-nod to the 50s-era T-Bird is the right mix of old and new. Designed by the skunkworks at Ford under J Mays in the early 2000s, this specimen no doubt is rare — butter yellow. And in Chicago even more rare. The interior was intitially borrowed from the LS and the power from a 3.9L Jag (lots of sharing back then) but it’s definitely a looker. Unlike the Mustang, Camaro and Challenger, this one nodded to granddad and carved its own way to fruition. I wish Ford would have another limited run in them and stick to a similar formula.

Socially speaking

The question of a blog hasn’t come up in a very long time. It seems a bit chest-thumpy and self-serving. And, unfortunately, rarely do organizations have resources to do it well. But there are some success stories out there.

Nuts About Southwest is what a corporate blog should be. But if you can dedicate a team of folks and your personality can support it, then it’s a sure fit. I love how SWA brings fun into their social media presence. On Twitter you’ll regularly be invited to visit a Luv-ly Employee at a gate in a town for a special treat. Their culture supports it and having this outward-facing vehicle is perfect for them.

And what if it’s not a blog, but a one-stop-sharing site? Maybe one where you’ll get a response via Twitter when you ask a question? This is where Ford’s social site The Ford Story comes in. Simple. To the point. And all about the consumer. Even going to far as to say so next to their logo. Excellent! No blog here — but it’s current and relevant. And open. You can see many ways to interact with them. Ford’s social media director Scott Monty (yup, hired JUST to do this) successfully brought buzz to the 2011 Ford Fiesta two years before it went on sale. Fascinating buzz and reaching a very wide demographic. Wanna know how he does it? Well, first of all: he lives it on his very own site.

FoMoCo and Social Media


I am really impressed. The more I read about Ford the more I am starting to understand that they get it! Scott Monty has made a lot of progress in 15 months and, well, they’re living it and doing it.