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My visit to DK

Back in February, I visited Digital Kitchen, one of the foremost digital production studios. They’re known for the intros to shows like Six Feet Under and Dexter and most recently the new BMW ads about their 3-series. Thanks to a AIGA’s Small Talk, I spent two hours learning about them. Here are the quick notes:

  • Crazy hours. It’s not uncommon to be pulling multiple all-nighters.
  • They have a great relationship with the client
  • 20 to 30 concepts presented!!!
  • To get things done, they need boundaries
  • An average project could take 2 months
  • In terms of getting the best and most ideas, they spend most of the time thinking, last minute putting tight comps together
  • Really tight comps sell the idea (especially in this day and age)
  • Most of the workers are comprised of a super-flexible team of outside people freelance, 30 in Chicago office
  • I noticed that the deck they’re presenting from is gorgeous, black & white deck with video popping
  • Their reel is done in fashion model idea
  • Production and designers work tightly together in a circle
  • Most people who work there are musicians
  • However, clients usually bring in music to design to