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2014 Chicago Auto Show — Part 2: The people

My second post from the 2014 Chicago Auto Show is similar to the first in that I wanted to lead with people. People truly do make the photo. This year I went on a very uncrowded day — a Monday night after work. It was a perfect night because I didn’t have to claw my way to some of the more popular cars. Also because I had space to observe the people.

Here are some of the folks I admired through the show.

Woman in red

A woman sits alone at the Honda Booth, surrounded by red. She is pensive. Perhaps waiting for her family. Perhaps she is tired.

Playing the Civic Si sim

A boy is immersed in a giant video game featuring the Honda Civic Si coupé.

Admiring the Kia GT4 Stinger

A man admires the Kia GT4 Stinger. He actually walked around this car a bunch of times with his mouth hung open. And he doesn’t really seem like the demographic who would like this kind of car.

Father & Son with Godzilla

I love that the nickname for the Nissan GT-R is Godzilla. Here a father and son admire the gorgeous beauty together.

Utter fascination

At the Acura booth, this guy was utterly fascinated by the pseudo-holographic video playing on this tabletop device. He stared at it as long as I watched him.

Under the IS

The Lexus IS was suspended about 8′ in the air for the entire world to see. These two guys spent a long time analyzing every nook.

2014 Chicago Auto Show — Part 1: The workers

Every year I go “at least once” to the Chicago Auto Show and have been for as long as I could drive myself. This year I wanted to approach my photography differently. When I was bit by the street photography bug a few years ago (inspired by Vivian Meier to boot) I realized there are many stories to tell beyond the cars.

For this and the following post I am concerned mostly with the people. In the last couple years, I noticed an invisible crowd of same-clothed men and women who are the unsung heroes of the  Show. They make sure the cars are gleaming, keep us informed and sometimes even entertain us with themed music. Without them we would be looking at grubby cars.

Thanks to all of you who make the show possible.

Dart proposal

Dodge model

DJ on a Kia Soul

Man about to clean S-Class

Cleaning the Viper

2011 Chicago Auto Show

2011 Chicago Auto Show

It’s that time again! It’s been a yearly tradition to go with my big bro and this was no exception. If I remember correctly, last year GM still had an enormous booth, Hyundai was second largest. This year, things are a little different and everyone has been rearranged. The things I noticed right off the bat:

  • Fiat finally incorporated into Chrysler Group but very separated. This was welcoming for the 500 who had its very own space, but there was nothing amazing about the booth. In my opinion, the Fiat brand is going to be very important for Chrysler Group.
  • German much smaller presence. Literally all the major German brands’ booths were cut in half, to the point that the Mercedes-Benz booth was downright cramped.
  • You could tell we’re in a recession (with some exceptions)
  • I didn’t notice a lot of concept cars and I was especailly hoping to see Mazda’s new KODO design concept
  • And finally, no top shelf brands. No Alfa. No Fisker. No Aston Martin. No Lambo or Lotus, all there last year.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more specifics and photos after the jump. Continue reading 2011 Chicago Auto Show