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Der Flugtag 2013

I have been wanting to go the Red Bull Flugtag since 2012, but when I got to the beach it had already been cancelled. So, instead I went around town in search of the next best thing. This year I was determined.

After I got there I realized everyone would be trying to get up close to the action, and instead of fighting I fell back on my love of people photography. Even with 2-1/2 hour delay, it was a great afternoon to spend on the waterfront.

The Brolar Bears

One of the Brolar Bears.

The tooth fairy

The Tooth Fairy.

This was a happy accident: reaching through the top of the sign to the guy on the phone.

This kid’s got the right idea: a beautiful view of EVERYTHING.

Connie off the ramp!

This is how I prefer to remember the Connie: gracefully traveling through the air. Instead, it crash landed. It’s too painful to watch.

There are more on Flickr. I certainly hope to be there again next year. And get there early!

PanAm’s new First Class Cabin

No, you’re not misreading that. Apparently someone’s gone out and recreated a PanAm first-class cabin in his own home. A man after my own heart. I would LOVE to do that based on a Constellation, though. *drool* Check out the article and, if you feel like really geeking out, check out the PanAm Heritage website.

Photo: Wall Street Journal and Brian L. Frank for The Wall Street Journal