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Trying to get through

Somedays I feel like this plant — trying to bloom through a heavy blanket of cement and pushback.

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The rainy drive

Headed home when the rain hit. Since we were literally stopped i grabbed the camera, opened the window and cranked up the shutter speed.

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Jessie White Tumbler in mid air

Who I assume are the owners or the folks who run Eli’s are here — and in awe.

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Proud of my ride

A gentleman sits in the shade enjoying the Corvette he brought today.

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Waiting in the rays

Patiently waiting to cross State Street after a bit of shopping. Very patiently. Though it was very busy this afternoon, the streets look empty.

Parallel parking

It’s definitely an acquired talent and a must for living in the city. I think they should give classes on it myself. There’s a slight trick to it I learned.

031/365: Gray bokay

031/365: Gray bokay

Near the end of today, I wanted to see some simple colors. My friend calls it adding a gaussian blur to the world. In this case, I set my 28mm wide open and enjoy the gentle, beautiful concentric circles of a bokeh against an otherwise gray day.

027/365: Under the El

027/365: Under the El

It’s freezing cold outside and after being indoors the entire afternoon, I decided to venture out and do some carshooting.

019/365: LC Smith No 5

019/365: LC Smith No 5

I am not a materialistic person, but this one of my two most favorite pieces. A humble servant of an bygone office area, she works like brand new and is used on a semi-regular basis to type letters. What a joy.