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010/365: I obey


Today I spent some of my bonus money on a superficial upgrade. About six people are interested in this upgrade. Two of whom have passed away. None of them are me.


I don’t feel like myself in a suit. Or long sleeve shirts. Or thongs. I feel comfortable in comfortable clothes. I like laying on the floor without having to worry about crushed baby Cheerios or dog pee.

And so…

I am a good boy. And good boys obey.

009/365: Ollie Pesca Fish



For my fun-day Friday challenge I decided to take a fish of our silent (but deadly) goldfish Ollie. He silently watches us eat, get ready in the morning and is fascinated by our nine-month old in the only way a fish can be.

008/365: States of winter waters



The snow continues to fall. Tonight I went out for a local view of the weather and noticed our storm door was frozen in some parts, water in some and clear in some. The hundred-year-old door is doing its job, but the new metal one isn’t.

007/365: Childs’ play


We take a moment to pause after taking our nine-month old to the doctor for a bump on her head. The three of us played with this, not only as a distraction but because we were having fun.

006/365: The real snowman


Snow removal is essential. And this man takes it seriously even in sub-freezing temps. As the weather dips even lower, I am grateful for his service today.

005/365: A new coffee treat

005/365: A new coffee treat


I am a venti non-fat, no-water, one-shot Chai tea latte kinda guy. And I am always on the search for something new. And that’s this delicious drink: Taste Cafe’s Spanish Latte, which is a regular latte but sweetened with sweetened condensed milk.

004/365: Unused by snow


The first big snow of 2015 blankets out backyard and makes the disused furniture seem out of place.

003/365: Smoking in the rain


There are many things that go with a cloudy day: hot cocoa, hats and cigarettes. Walking down the street this woman enjoyed a puff, managing to keep her cigarette lit.

002/365: Abandoned food


I was pretty shocked walking by a bus shelter with a couple bags of perfectly good food sitting there. Had they fallen out of the bag? Forgotten by someone?

These were sitting here — not staged, moved or altered.

Who would do that?

001/365: Happy new year, Lake Michigan



One of the ideas I have for 2015 is to start with a 365 project. For every day I will take a photo, usually from life. Which means a dedication to not only taking a photo but to challenge myself. I have looked up some resources to help me get started, but I also have an idea for myself.

001/365: Happy new year, Lake Michigan

My first photo of the new year celebrates just a little more than 12-1/2 years in Chicago. So I drove up to Montrose Harbor and snapped this northern, far-away shot of the skyline. It reminds me of how vast the city truly is and how much there is to see and experience. And how much it’s given back to me all these years. I am truly grateful to be here and I try not to take it for granted.

My first visit to the lake on a frigid evening gives a beautiful and crystal clear view of the skyline, under an overcast sky. A wandering plane comes into view blinking through the sky on the right.