A cot


I journeyed home after another night at Neo with Cori and a new friend whose name escapes me currently. There were about seven of us from work who went, though by the time we left there was only four: Cori, Chris, “Cake” and I. Everyone left because this was advertised as the night, but it was a mistake on the website. We’ll try again next week.

When I got home, I was greeted by the typical cold winds and arctic temperatures. Can’t blame this guy.

Defeated and deflated


Normally when I see this landscape before me I am overcome with joy. On this particular afternoon, after a client meeting, I felt as though the wind had been knocked out of me. Not that it went bad. It actually went very very well. Something about where I was and what I was doing prompted a dark cloud over me. I decided to walk back from the client’s building, a twenty-minute walk, versus hailing a cab. The long, pensive and meditative walk did little to lift my spirits.

The poop on KCMO


We spent a lazy day chatting, eating and having grown-up conversation. On the way back home we walked through The Plaza, still decorated from the holidays. But a little treat met us on a lap.

MD-80 to KCMO


My last official and willing trip on United leaves me nearly an hour late departing. UAL stands for “U ain’t leavin'” apparently. Still, I’m on the plane and in about 90 minutes I’ll be in Kansas City.

Photoshoot @ AI


Filling in for a fellow art director I was on the set. No one can truly appreciate the amount of time it takes to photograph a bottle of sport drink in a backpack. I started at 1:00p, and finished around 4:30p. Amazing. Think about that next time you see a photograph printed in a magazine or an ad.

DH -> AI

On my way to a photoshoot. Well, a pre-pro actually. I will be doing the photoshoot tomorrow afternoon. This time it’s a backpack and not for any of my usual accounts. I am nervous, but glad for the challenge. Most of it will be easy, but I have to value add of course. Another beautiful day in my city!

A wasted day

I can’t swallow. I can’t talk. I can’t move without getting dizzy. I’ll just stare at the beautiful rays of sunlight dancing on my north wall and write today off.

Happy 2007!

Oh yes. And the party photos are available, too. I missed calling anyone because, well, I had forgotten what time it was. But Jess was a fantastic hostess and it seemed that everyone had fun.


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