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011/365: Winter Bird Convention


I was in search of ice today, but it wasn’t as exciting and I was hoping it would be. So I drove back off the harbor and found a whole flock of birds hanging out by these naked trees. They were so fascinating and, if you ask  me, they probably didn’t realize it was that cold out.

Painting the sky

After a few days of dreary cloudful skies, it opens up to give us a glorious sunset in the suburbs.

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Watching me, watching you

One of the squirrels in the backyard attacks a pumpkin like it was the last meal of the year. Which considering the weather in November it might have been his last chance to score some winter viddles.

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Ant on the march

Heading north on the leaf.

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The lonely bench

It’s too early in the season to sit here, but someone has walked around it, into the forest.

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An empty terminal. A row of seats. A wonderful pattern.

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Two teenaged dancers are waiting for the plane home, listening to music in the chilly terminal.

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The empty road

Freshly-laid asphalt awaits traffic to nowhere.

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Best of Chicagoist Around Town


Color me shocked when I found out one of my photos made Chicagoist’s best of around town list for June with this photo I took early last year.

I was on my way to the Chicago Auto Show when I looked up on the way to the King Drive bus to McCormick Place. The day was already so gray anyway so it wanted to be black and white.

It’s a great privilege especially to be in wonderful company like Angie McMonigal and Duane Rapp — local artists whom I admire and from whom I have learned a lot.