Dear Maria “Toni” Berrios

I am a big local government fan and when it comes to Chicago we certainly have our share of mudslinging. This time it was for the office of Illinois State Rep in the upcoming election.

The Maria “Toni” Berrios campaign sent us no less than three dozen fliers, a combination of mudslinging and self promotion. To make matters worse, the campaign sent it twice. Why they don’t de-dupe their list is beyond me. Why they feel the need to bombard you with that much mail is also beyond me.

2014-03-15 07.53.23_low

If you imagine each piece is around $1 to produce and mail, that’s $36 just to persuade me. That seems like a lot. Especially because it hasn’t worked.

So, in my very special and passive-aggressive way, I have decided to send all of these postcards back to Toni so she can recycle them. If this is her approach to winning reelection I certainly don’t want to support it.

2014-03-15 07.57.03_low

I have to say that I am appalled someone would send that much mail. And it’s not just the Berrios campaign. Others have sent many. But not that many.