2014 Chicago Auto Show — Part 2: The people

My second post from the 2014 Chicago Auto Show is similar to the first in that I wanted to lead with people. People truly do make the photo. This year I went on a very uncrowded day — a Monday night after work. It was a perfect night because I didn’t have to claw my way to some of the more popular cars. Also because I had space to observe the people.

Here are some of the folks I admired through the show.

Woman in red

A woman sits alone at the Honda Booth, surrounded by red. She is pensive. Perhaps waiting for her family. Perhaps she is tired.

Playing the Civic Si sim

A boy is immersed in a giant video game featuring the Honda Civic Si coupé.

Admiring the Kia GT4 Stinger

A man admires the Kia GT4 Stinger. He actually walked around this car a bunch of times with his mouth hung open. And he doesn’t really seem like the demographic who would like this kind of car.

Father & Son with Godzilla

I love that the nickname for the Nissan GT-R is Godzilla. Here a father and son admire the gorgeous beauty together.

Utter fascination

At the Acura booth, this guy was utterly fascinated by the pseudo-holographic video playing on this tabletop device. He stared at it as long as I watched him.

Under the IS

The Lexus IS was suspended about 8′ in the air for the entire world to see. These two guys spent a long time analyzing every nook.