Best of Film Photography: 1989-2003

I have been going through the massive task of scanning, organizing and cataloging all my film photography from negatives all the way back to 1989 when I got my first SLR.

Back then I shot with a Ricoh XR-M with a 50mm lens. Later I got a 18-200mm zoom. Then a friend gave me her old Olympus OM-1 with just a 50mm lens. Toward the later years (and I still have it to this day) a friend of mine gave me his old Nikon N70 with a small zoom lens. Between these cameras I got my chops and I see glints of my obsession as it has grown today.

I wanted to do a best of series from the 1990s, back when I was more interested in finishing school and working. My photography reflects that.

Swan and Snyder Lake
1989. My earliest favorite was taken at my grandma’s place in northern Michigan.

Police officer on the street
1991. When our Close Up class took a trip to Washington DC I caught this candid of an officer chatting with us.

Footprints on the ice
1992. We drive to northern Michigan to pick up our friend for New Years’ Eve.

The fire at night
1993. One of my first attempts a night shot was taken in Vanderbilt, Michigan during a camping weekend.

Waiting for the bus
1994. My earliest attempt at street photography at a bus stop in Toronto. Black and white suited this photo best.

Looking up at the tree
1997. A friend of mine had the great idea to visit Hartwick Pines near Grayling, Michigan.

Ann Arbor Art Fair
1998. More street photography, but at a safe distance in the diag on University of Michigan’s campus.

Tasha napping in dad's truck
2000. Our dog Tasha rests in the sun.

Walking on the lakebed
2001. One of my most favorite images to show the vastness of the lakebed at low tide.

Through a tunnel in Kentucky
2002. Taken in the tunnels of Kentucky at speed.

Long and winding path
2003. First time on the North Branch Trail, this is one of the last images I would take on film for years.

In looking back at 14 years of amateur photography, I miss film. From time to time I will take out the Nikon and shoot a roll or two. It feels good, sounds good. To this day I get excited at the prospect of heading to Central Camera to get my film developed. I don’t think that feeling will ever go away. Now if I can just stop chimping

Why we didn’t have internet

Comcast’s brilliance knows few limits. Case in point this is the junction box in our alley. There used to be a pole here, but it rotted and needed to be moved. So the rats nest of Comcast and AT&T coexist precariously.

Oddly that is not the reason for the lack of service. It was guessed that another Comcast technician came to service someone else’s home and literally cut our line at 9:26a Tuesday. Never bothered to reconnect it. Never bothered to alert us.

Unbelievable. Never mind trying to get service, but my skillful partner made her anger known and out came Comcast on a Sunday to fix it. Adding insult to injury we noticed the Comcast van in our alley twice since then doing the exact same thing.

Idiots. As a company they should be utterly embarrassed to cash my checks every month. And in Chicago you have no other choice. Thank you SEC. I would love to complain but the government is shut down.