Walking around Lincoln Park

From Out of Chicago‘s website I took advantage of a Lincoln Park architectural tour hosted by Bob Segal, a local photographer and architectural guru who has lived in the Lincoln Park area for many years. (We know this to be true since we visited most of the homes where he lived.)

Oddly I found myself discovering more about the people than the actual architecture we were walking around to learn more about. But I am not upset about that in the least. I did catch some great history lessons, and great snaps in the process.

ReadingTaking notesBrunch with friendsThe drinking fountain

We also walked an extra bit after lunch and the official end of the tour where we saw “Billionaires’ Row” where many of the newest mansions stay. But it was the mixture of the people and architecture that really inspired me. I chose to highlight my favorites here, but I did actually take photos of buildings, too. 🙂

Bellinger Cottage, 2121 N Hudson Street

The Illinois Railway Museum

I cannot think of a better thing to do on a day off that visit some beautiful old trains. In particular, I am interested in the CTA trains. Here are some of the beauties I caught this Friday afternoon.

The first thing you’ll visit is the Union Station House. It’s complete and feels as authentic as it might have more than a 100 years ago (I am sure).

Union ticket office

An inter-urban train run by this motorman was a special treat. With the windows wide open on the front of the car, it was a breeze and refreshing 25-minute ride. He was very knowledgeable and entertaining. He also looked like Christopher Walken (or at least his brother).

On the tracks

A special livery in 1976 adorned the Skokie Swift (in this iteration) for the country’s centennial. It also was a reflection of the spirit of Chicagoans. I think it’s great and would love that to come back sometime. Maybe in 2026 for the 250th?

"I Will: The Spirit of Chicago" emblem

Burlington and sky

Leftover roll signs

There are plenty more photos where that came from at the actual museum, but I was most impressed with the sky above Union.

On the way back to the highway, I pulled over to capture this scene on the way home. This is a pano stitched in Photoshop from 9 images to give a true sense of diversity in the sky that day. I was humbled to say the least. And felt about 2″ tall. 😉

The brewing storm

Fireworks on Foster Beach

This isn’t the first time I am shooting fireworks, but it is the first time I looked up how exactly to do it. It’s a little tricky, so much so that I went and invested in a remote trigger (opting for the cabled version versus the wireless).

To avoid the big crowd we decided to go to the Chicago Saddle and Cycling Club’s display by parking on Foster Beach. Unlike most who were staring at the water, we did a 180 and stared at the treeline and buildings, waiting for the sun to come down for the festivities. Some folks decided to start early.


Folks on the ground also took part in their own pre-firework celebrations.

Up close

But we waited for the big display, too, which went on at the same time.

Red, white and blue

The key was listening to the “pffffffft!” noises they make as they’re lit and making small adjustments to get it done. Now I know more for next year and will be prepared.

The Fourth in Evanston (or, Bored on a Float)

We celebrated ‘Murrica’s 237th birthday with a lovely parade north of Chicago in the town of Evanston. And while we got some really lovely shots, it was amazing to me to see the number of bored kids of floats. I mean, if I were on the float, I would be waving, screaming, tossing, slamming, dancing and other sorts of very action-oriented verbs. But these kids, not so much. I mean, how bad can it be?! Unhappy girlHating this noiseBored. Pass.Unhappy girl with glassesBored front lineAngry twirl

Thankfully there were other moments, too, and those are moments I am proud to have captured.

Looking upParade of penny-farthingsBlissful dancingSerenading the flag

Happy birthday, America!