Division by dharder9475
Division, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

Cars: 1936 Chrysler Airflow Coupe

A very rare beauty in mint condition. This is now my most coveted old car ever, more than a Duessey or Cord. So beautiful.

Beer with E

Beer with E by dharder9475
Beer with E, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

At the beach

At the beach by dharder9475
At the beach, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

Although it’s very overcast there’s a lovely sense of community on the beach. Diverse ages and people flock to Montrose Beach because of it.

Cooking: Veg and roasted chicken noodles

A fusion of kolrabi, tomatoes, spinach, garlic snipes and rotisserie chicken mixed about with mini shells. The sauce is TJ’s red curry. Together, it’s scrumptious.

Food: Foie grad mousse burger

I am not one to shoot my food but this one deserves a special place in culinary heaven. Big n Littles always does amazing things with foie gras and today was no exception. Combo’d with the truffle fries, how can you go wrong?

Moody basements

Moody basements by dharder9475
Moody basements, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

I love the smallest of light beaming into a basement.