Good morning

Good morning by dharder9475
Good morning, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

Beautiful rays of warmth illuminate the way to a Vento non fat, no water dirty chai.

Trash talk

Trash talk by dharder9475
Trash talk, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

All this talk about deep penetration seems appropriate for the trash bin.

Cooking: Stir fry

Cooking: Stir fry by dharder9475
Cooking: Stir fry, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

For those evenings where there are more vegetables about to go bad, this is the perfect, light dinner solution. Add some ground turkey and my secret maple syrup to a need of thin rice noodles and you get close to perfection.

Voting done

Voting done by dharder9475
Voting done, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

And that’s another year of voting season under my belt. I cannot wait for this election cycle to be over, though.

Good morning!

Good morning! by dharder9475
Good morning!, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

A nice HDR of the sun rising over the tracks.

Relief graffiti

Relief graffiti by dharder9475
Relief graffiti, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

Celebrate the weather with your top down

Gorgeous Mustang. And it sounds amazing too. Big up to this guy.

Florida (2012)

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Florida (2012), a set on Flickr.

For mid-winter break, we head south to spend time with the in-laws in Florida. What a terrific trip, including a lot of resting, eating and local fare.