$2k for a bottle?

$2k for a bottle? by dharder9475
$2k for a bottle?, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

Likely the most expensive item at any Walgreen on the planet. My goodness.

Cooking: Homemade pizza

Cooking: Homemade pizza by dharder9475
Cooking: Homemade pizza, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

A couple homemade pizzas with many veg and ground turkey for protein. Delicious.

Waiting for the bus

Waiting for the bus by dharder9475
Waiting for the bus, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

Waiting for the bus

2012 Argyle Street Parade

Three guys on a floatSitting properMother and daughter coordinatingGirls checking a shotTeenagersAfter the fireworks
After the fireworksLittle girl watching the parade comeThe parade starts with a dragonA smaller dragonIMG_1256The first group of people
A little waveA high school band playsPlaying the trumpetPlaying the tubaCaught!IMG_1302
Father and daughter wavingBig beardieDrummer drummingA pedicabEmbraceGirls in the window

2012 Argyle Street Parade, a set on Flickr.

Not the big big parade in Chinatown, the Argyle Street parade is much smaller but with a much smaller crowd. The photo group met up here for a cold afternoon of shooting.

Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline by dharder9475
Chicago Skyline, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

From atop Lake Shore Drive. What a spectacular view just after six inches of snow fell on the city.

Why you need 4WD

Why you need 4WD by dharder9475
Why you need 4WD, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

Of all the cleared parking spots, this driver chose this snow hill. No doubt 4WD was NOT engaged for this manoeuvre.

Menu at Bobby’s

Menu at Bobby's by dharder9475
Menu at Bobby’s, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

E’s late grandma’s favorite BBQ joint in Niles serves up a Big Boob. No kidding.

Walking words

Walking words by dharder9475
Walking words, a photo by dharder9475 on Flickr.

I was trying to snap her shoes which were written with ideas on saving the planet.