Cars: ’09 Honda Civic Hybrid

Cars: '09 Honda Civic Hybrid

I am a Honda man. Or at least like them. I’ve personally owned three. My wife has one. So I thought this latest version I’ve ever driven would blow me away. But it just doesn’t. I had this as a ZipCar for a day. In that short, 4-hour window I am left with the feeling of cramped vastness (the windshield is terribly far away) and a truck-like feel with an unrefined drivetrain to the point I was disconcerted by stopping. Not a good impression.

However, build quality is still Honda. With nearly 50k miles it’s as tight as the day it was new. I don’t like the not-great stereo or the blue-cloth seats that don’t match the charcoal interior. Just doesn’t feel like a cohesive interior. And that super-raked windshield makes the soft-touch, plastic dashboard feel like an aircraft carrier.

Come on, Honda. I hope your minor facelift for ’12 is better.