Cars: ’09 Honda Civic Hybrid

Cars: '09 Honda Civic Hybrid

I am a Honda man. Or at least like them. I’ve personally owned three. My wife has one. So I thought this latest version I’ve ever driven would blow me away. But it just doesn’t. I had this as a ZipCar for a day. In that short, 4-hour window I am left with the feeling of cramped vastness (the windshield is terribly far away) and a truck-like feel with an unrefined drivetrain to the point I was disconcerted by stopping. Not a good impression.

However, build quality is still Honda. With nearly 50k miles it’s as tight as the day it was new. I don’t like the not-great stereo or the blue-cloth seats that don’t match the charcoal interior. Just doesn’t feel like a cohesive interior. And that super-raked windshield makes the soft-touch, plastic dashboard feel like an aircraft carrier.

Come on, Honda. I hope your minor facelift for ’12 is better.

My new personal goal

I have always been interested in photography. If you notice my most recent posts on Flickr I have been pushing myself to capture real people doing real things, versus shooting the same ol’ thing. I will still shoot buildings and what-not but people are always more fascinating than another skyscraper. So let’s see how I grow! Keep me honest and comment critically.

Flickrset: The Super Moon

Despite the freezing temps, it was great to hang out with friends and many folks just as excited about the moon.

Love is… Wilford Brimley

Love is... Wilford Brimley

My photo in Barometer

So excited when my photos are used around the Internet. This was one posted by Barometer who “presents the best of the global blogosphere. We expose readers to compelling, insightful, relevant and well argued blog articles from around the world.” My photo is the one of the left of the image above or you’ll see it (for who knows how long).