VW Phaeton, the baby A8

I saw one of these parked as I walked to the bus home. It’d been a long time since I saw one in the wild. So I decided to look it up on Wikipedia and was fascinated.
First off it’s pretty groundbreaking with nearly 100 patents unique to it. It has some pretty amazing tech, including the ability to read road signs. And it’s optional W12 engine is a wonder. My favorite? Like a Rolls it’s hand-assembled… At the Transparent Factory in Dresden. Amazing. All this for S-class money.
In the end it’s still a VW and, ultimately, that marque cannot support an $80k price tag. But when you compare it to the Bentley Continental with whom it shares its chassis or the Audi A8 which is a very close cousin, you start to realize the value in it. A baby A8 indeed.