PowerPoint — the right way

I have to create more presentations than I ever expected to. I have had to do them for CEOs. And coworkers. For myself. And clients… And made templates… I didn’t go to school for it. Nor did I plan to.

But the reality is it works well for what we need. But when presentations go horribly wrong, PowerPoint seems to get the brunt of blame for the source of the problem. That’s like blaming a Hummer for all the environmental problems.

A great article from Slate talks about what needs to be done. What it comes down to (for me at least) is know your audience and prepare. Presentations are intended to be presented by you the presenter. Otherwise it would be a report. And just because a report in Word has many words that folks don’t like to read doesn’t mean it’s not the way to deliver the info. When you are putting six, 50-word sentences on a slide… Use Word.

Oh. And another thing: PowerPoint can do just about everything Apple Keynote can do. Just need to take the time.