Simple, delicious food explosions!

One of my co-workers recommends food bomb. Not only is it a fantastically beautiful way of showing off food, it also shows how to do an effective explosion drawing of daily, everyday foods. And without a Cray supercomputer to do the 3D modeling, either.

Excellent interaction at bus stops

I am one of those people who enjoys public transit. Yeah, it takes me 45-60 minutes to get home (merely 6 miles) but in that time I’ve made phone calls, caught up on my news, updated my Facebook — all while not breaking the texting laws nor blowing a stop sign. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like entertainment in the Decaux bus stops.

So a while back, Artistic Things posted this very ingenious idea at a bus stop in Hamburg, Germany (unconfirmed). And apparently it wasn’t even the Sharpie folks (as you see from the surprise on their own blog). Super-clever use of the technology. I can see using something similar at a tradeshow booth even (if you don’t want to spend the money on public adverts). Very cool stuff, folks.

Image: Artistic Things, et. al.

Best taglines [Forbes]

My ECD asked us a few months ago to find a favorite headline for a creative meeting. Little did I know I would run into a treasure of the top taglines from Forbes. When you get there, don’t mind the interstitial… and the 100 million ad placements. Egads.

Take better cameraphone shots

One of the reasons I chose Nokia is their incredible camera optics — at least for a phone. My N900 has a 5-megapixel shooter and I find that a majority of my memory-capturing is viewed online. In fact, I may have printed a half-dozen photos of the many thousand I’ve shot. So it’s no wonder I shoot more with my phone than with my cam.

As such, Lifehacker posted some tips for like-minded folks out there.

Image: Lifehacker

Pinching earth

On Gizmodo, a brilliant photo and a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that moment.

Nixie tubes

I have seen these and probably fell in love with long after they were cool. These are the precursor to what we take for granted now: the LED display. You have it on your clock radios, stoves and microwave ovens. But before that, they were the display units. Fantastically simple.

Image: Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

You better put mobile on your list

Among the many RSS feeds I read, the Boy Genius Report is among my favorites. In this article, ad requests are up nearly 100-fold.

Although mobile browsing has been possible for nearly a half-decade, it wasn’t until Apple introduced iPhone did mobile-first viewing become a real possibility. Now, it’s a necessity. Just tonight I spent time with friends and we all ended up looking something up on IMDB or Wikipedia. Mobile is here to stay — so you better put it in your media mix one way or another.

25 Of The Funniest Jeremy Clarkson Quips… In The World

I love love love Jeremy Clarkson so I must share this love with his top 25 quips according to Jalopnik. Enjoy!

Business Colors

Through Gizmodo I found this article on the colors of logos. Apparently everyone uses the same couple colors. I used to joke that the national corporate color was either red or blue. Now I have some research to back that up. Check it out for yourself on ColorLovers.

Image: COLOURlovers

Nokia recommends uses for your cameraphone

A million years ago I got my first cameraphone, the Motorola 720. Paid a pretty penny for it and literally lost it at the Clark/Lake station on the Blue Line. Then it was the Moto E815, my real first cameraphone. It’s “real-er” because that’s the one that got me hooked on snapping what’s around me. Now I sport a nice 5-megapixel with many trimmings (not shown above).

Nokia, a company I respect for not only their product but their marketing, wrote an article on the 101 uses for your camera phone and sent it out every once in a while (this one is #92 in the series).

I am fascinated by a marketer’s recommendation. As a marketer it seems painfully obvious how to use the equipment or service I help my clients sell. These products and services promote ONE task and do it very well. And that makes it easy. But, it also makes it more challenging because there are 4 other companies who make the same claim.

Nokia and even Apple have the right idea: let the device sell itself by the many things it does. Show it in action. Yesterday I sat it on a media call and the folks at the magazine say that when you include a video on the product in use you can expect a 10-fold increase in attention. That’s not bad for what seems to be a no-brainer.

Image: Lets Go Mobile