Repower America Wall

Repower America website

This is a bit on the old side, but I love the design of this website. Repower America takes dynamic submissions and puts them all in one place. It’s a great way to show a lot of dynamic information at the same time.



I am watching the follow-up by director Gary Hustwit. Objectified like Helvetica gives me much to think about, especially about my own life as a designer.

My favorite quote by designer Karim Rashid is paraphrased thusly:

Out of the million chairs that have been designed in the world, how could there be an uncomfortable chair?

If you haven’t seen it catch it on Netflix or on PBS.

A VERY nice way to do labels on forms

Forms can be SO boring. But how about using some simple programming to get them to be a little more exciting? My co-worker Michael shared this with us designers. It comes from CSS Karma. Check it out.

From: CSS Karma

Howes’ top 8 ways to use social media


In my Tweets this morning, Guy Kawsaki posted this video from Lewish Howes about the top eight ways to use social media. If you ask me there’s only two things you need to do: be interactive and give relevant content. The video’s cool.

From: Top 8 ways to use social media + 1 – Holy Kaw!.

Much more impressive cup: Shamrock Cup

I cannot wait for a cup like this to be mainstream. Imagine how much less wasteful. As a marketer, what a great buzz piece at a tradeshow or around the office. Actually you could put some cool stuff in a container like this.

Found it on PSFK but you can see the real deal on the company’s website.

Sand Animation


At work we shared creative inspirations. This video of sand animation is of Kseniya Simonova of the Ukraine. Just watch the video and don’t miss the audience’s reaction.

This one came from Tommy. Reminded me a lot of work Redmoon Theater does lately. Beautiful work and, as a creative, keeps you on your toes with anticipation.

Coke Zero’s Facial Profiler

Take a world-renowned brand, Facebook integration and your webcam and match yourself with another user on the site. I would’ve LOVED a celebrity match up, but this is brilliant use of the technology and a great way to keep interaction levels high on the site. And, while you’re waiting, you’re treated to product imagery. Thought you may ask yourself, “What’s the point,” it definitely does match up with their brand persona.

It’s also a REALLY creepy way to meet a twin… Hm…

Check out the Coke Zero Facial Profiler for yourself.

10 bcard ideas from

One of my co-workers shared with me a few creative business card ideas. Getting a client to buy off on one is another story. Check them out anyway and keep trying.

Heading to Digital Kitchen for a Small Talk

I LOVE the AIGA for putting these visits together. You’ll recognize Digital Kitchen for putting together some of the best intros in the business. Motion graphics at its finest. From the AIGA site:

Digital Kitchen is a digital agency and production company that demands consumer attention by disrupting their existing perceptions of marketing and media. They believe that credibility is the cornerstone of post-modern communication and strive for authenticity in everything they do. They achieve this by erasing the lines between commerce and art and agency and content producer. This hybrid capacity has allowed them to move effortlessly between the entertainment and marketing worlds and provided them with the tools and talent to craft innovative, effective, and award-winning solutions in both.

This time, February 2 will see the Small Talk at Digital Kitchen. I signed up and you should too — quickly.

Ad for Cotenelle

Ad for Cotenelle

Cotenelle has been advertising a lot on the CTA in the last couple years, but I was delighted to see them take the leap to mobile marketing. Here on the side of a bus stop you enter a quick poll via SMS. Great, quick way to engage and start the conversation.