The sweet spot

I have finally gotten the Nokia N900 and, yes, it’s not an iPhone. And that’s a good thing. It is unlocked and gorgeous. It will take some getting used to but it’s definitely wonderful to be on the bus with a full-on computer in my hands.

And, by the way, this was completely done with this wee beastie, from photo to post. Nice.

Sticking with last years’ model? Maybe not

I don’t know if I can do this wholeheartedly, but I am going to try after finally deciding to break down and get the new phone. E definitely thinks I should… What’s your story?

Fancy Coke Machine

Fancy Coke Machine

We are out in Gurnee Mills to do some shopping and I happened across a Coke machine with three TV screens on the front instead of a big, red Coke swoosh. The way of the future? Advertising gimmick?

QR Codes on Google = Public acceptance?

I cannot express how happy this makes me. QR Codes hit Google. YES! I love QR codes! I have one on this website even so that you can catch this on your mobile as you leave the house. I cannot tell you how wonderfully useful these little buggers are. Get some software

now and get started!

Beautiful storage infographic

Gorgeous infographic shows how much we have access to and how much we depend on media to keep entertained. Egads! Thanks, Gizmodo.

Photo: Curtiss Spontelli