Cell Size and Scale


One of my co-workers sent this along to me. It’s a simple Flash piece from the University of Utah to show the scale of a coffee bean (and Times Regular 12 point) all the way down to a Carbon atom. Reminds me of the Power of Ten movie from the late 70s.

Great splash page on Honda (UK)


I love the integration of illustration and simple motion on the front page of the Honda UK site. I was actually startled when I rolled over one of the divisions — I wasn’t expecting the entire page to change the way it did. See it for yourself — they do a GREAT job.

Ofrenda to fallen cyclists

Ofrenda to fallen cyclists

Amazing amount of detail and love in this offering to the dead and to the Ghost Bikes organization. The exhibit runs though mid December ’09 at the Mexican Fine Arts Museum in Pilsen Chicago.25 Oct 09, 2.12PM

OMG NO!!! A “new” A-Team

No. I don’t want. I just cannot believe they’re planning on making a new “A-Team.” What was wrong with the old one? Hollywood is officially lost. They should buy a GM. And, if you visit the page, you can see all the people who have commented. In all honestly, they must’ve been paid, out-of-work writers.

2014 Incheon Main Stadium [Pretty Building!]

Talk about a gorgeous stadium! Read up what they’re planning, too. Besides the prettiness of it, just think about how to present a great idea to a client. What a better way than to visualize it in action. Totally the best way! NASA does a GREAT job of it to explain concepts.

Image: Artistic Things

Mission to Mars graphic [Info Graphics]

This is a GORGEOUS example of information graphics. Very easy to read, but it’s important also to sort out exactly what you’re trying to say. In this case the author (in my opinion) is trying to tell us the rate of success and the type of mission, not necessarily the name (as that’s secondary but also present). Beautiful work, guys! Check out the full-size version on the Gizmodo site.

15seconds: Train approach

Love the Green Line!

15seconds: at CSO

First concert for me of the season. A German Reqiuem by Brahms. Away we go!

Fall has… Fallen


Fall has, well, fallen.

Days of Thunder

Multimedia message

Happy friday. Saw this and smiled.