Michigan: WTF!!!

When it comes to cars, this one is amazing and not in a hot sexy way. Fairy dust powered I am sure. And a club so as not to steal it.

Michigan: A stop

So we had to get off the train because of trackwork, skipping a few stops and then getting back on. But where’s the damned train???

Michigan: On the road again

Waiting for the train to head to Michigan for the week. It took me a while to remember I didn’t have to work today. Go figure.

Camping: It’s morning!

*yawn* So good to sleep outdoors! 07/25/2009 0932

Camping: So much food!

I cannot believe the quantity of food!

Camping: Apple Holler

Mmm… Cider mill food!

Camping: On the road again!

We are leaving the city and heading to Wisconsin for the weekend. Oh sweet escape!

Night on the park

We finally pulled in the lead at the top of the 8th. On another note, count the logos.


I like these seats!

The silver guy

In action playing MJ long before he passed — and became re-popular.