AIGA Annual Meeting at the ARTIC

I am about to go to the AIGA Annual Meeting and here I am in the extension of the Art Institute. It’s gorgeous and this photo doesn’t do it justice. 6/25 18:27:51

Happy 2 years!

Happy 2 years!, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

E and I celebrated our two year anniversary at CafĂ© Absinthe. So excited! I cannot believe that two years have gone by and I still remember our first date, our first kiss, our first home-cooked meal together… 6/24 20:50:34

Cool ad

Cool ad, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

For the Greater Chicago Food Depository, I love this window ad. It’s in a closed storefront along side Lake Street. There have been a lot of bus and train ads, but this is the first outside installation I’ve seen. 6/24 20:10:07

Sommarfest: The basement

Sommarfest: The basement, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

I don’t want to know how old this is, but it’s amazingly old and… Toxic. And I love it! 6/13 17:49:47

Sommarfest: Beer Pong

Sommarfest: Beer Pong, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

I’ve never seen this game before, but the girls were kicking the boys asses big time. 6/13 17:14:36

Sommarfest: The Loo

Sommarfest: The Loo, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

Matt & Marc’s party featured a porta-potty. It’s a house party. Wow. 6/13 17:04:10

Chicago Blues Fest

06122009011, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

We decided to take a short trip downtown to check out the Blues Fest. Grant Park is hoppin’ tonight! 6/12 21:04:42

Addition to Art Institute

Addition to Art Institute, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

The addition to the Art Institute is gorgeous and is overwhelmed by visitors. (6/12 20:57:49)

AIGA Annual Members Meeting

26062009059, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

Program book from the AIGA Annual Members Meeting. The event is always fun and reinvigorating, challenging me to new heights and offering me insight into the design community here in Chicago. More after the jump.

First visit to the Farmers’ Market

21062009044.JPG , originally uploaded by dharder9475 .

The Logan Square farmers market is a welcome change from the regular market. Yay summer!