Dinner with Chris

090330 1830_PIC-0125

We are headed to dinner and Chris jumped in the middle of traffic to to catch a shot of the very surreal sunset.

Celebrating Daniel Burnham

090330 1805_PIC-0124

When I first moved to Chicago I was taken by the architecture and history (as I was in Detroit). Daniel Burnham celebrates 100 years of the Plan of Chicago and down State Street there’s a bunch of really cool looking, silver-backed posters in the flower beds. Check them out if you’re down there.

The cutting of the hairs

MVI_6029 Haircutting

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With mom’s chemo done, it’s time to get the hairs back to a manageable length.

CSO: Getting set up

090327 1944_PIC-0123

I don’t think I’ve had the same seat all season with a long-standing conflict on Thursday night. But tonight I am excited. I’ve always wanted to hear Beethoven’s Eroica. We’ll see about this one.

Good sunset

090326 1842_PIC-0122

What a view! The city is about to go to sleep soon.

Slavin’ on standards

090324 1015_PIC-0121

I gotta say that working on brand standards really appeals to the more anal side of my personality. Here I am looking at more than 350 pages of standards that I helped write and organize. And we’re almost done. I am a little sad… A little…

Good morning city!

090323 0546_PIC-0120

I love being downtown so early. The sun’s not up yet and I am headed into work to get started for the day. The city is mine!

Congrats, Peter!

090322 2049_PIC-0119

It’s good to celebrate the victories in life over delicious deserts. We headed to Hot Chocolate in Wicker Park for some late-night indulgences.

Work: NDA does it!

09 03 20 1716 PIC-0118

One of the minor victories in my job recently was the completion of the National Demolition Association’s website. Though I hadn’t been directly involved for a little bit, it was started by a strong group effort and finished by Josh. Eventually, it got loaded. Yay Josh and the whole team.

Tattoos: The new soul-based stimulus package

090318 1931_PIC-0117

So I wonder why all these tatt parlors are popping up all over the place…