The auto show… Meh

09 02 20 2109 PIC-0086.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

The snoozefest that is the Chicago Auto Show, I know, is with many justifications. The economy…. The economy… I suppose that’s why there’s nothing new of great note.

So why not do something completely different? Why not build a design studio where you can watch engineers making a new car in 2 weeks. Maybe just in the computer. Take feedback from people at the Show and make a prototype in CAD in the two weeks. Then take that CAD, build a concept, and display it the following year. A car for the people, by the people.

And stop using every trick in the book, Ford. Your booth is trash with cluttered type on displays. Come on. Let the cars do the work. Give us some more space to play with them.

I did score a hot point. Michael and Ellen hanging out at the G8 display. We had a great, crying kind of laugh. I hope they’re there next year. So much fun!

I’ll have more soon. Trust me: not done by a long shot.