Brunch in Andersonville

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After brunch at Ann Sather’s we decided to take a brisk stroll around Andersonville. I miss this neigborhood. When I lived this far north and way west it was the closest place to get coffee that I knew of at the time. Plus there’s great food.

“The Inca Trail” at the CSO

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Just getting ready for Caminois del Inka at the CSO conducted by Migeul Hearth-Bedoya, a native Peruvian. It’s a happy accident since I couldn’t make last week because of work. I remember this conductor from February’s Aindamar, a Golijov piece. I’m excited even if I’m squished on the main floor!

Beautiful morning

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It is way way too early to be awake but it’s a perfect fall morning. Off to work!

Apple picking day

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I’ve never been apple picking, but when E recommended it worked out well for
this weekend. The weather is a little nippy and we got a little lost, but we
made it and we’re about to get our tickets. Exciting!

A&BC Gala Volunteering

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Another year, another Arts & Business Council gala. This time I’m
volunteering so I can pay my due after being on the committee for this year.
It’s beautiful, as always, though I am at a little bit of a loss what to do
with the extra time tonight. I’m helping find their seats (which the Four
Seasons does) and later I’ll be helping people check out.

Home… Early?

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Daylight. The kind of daylight that happens right after working hours. And it’s a beautiful light.

Camping in Kettle Morraine

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Such a beautiful night for camping! We’re in Wisconsin enjoying the
moonlight. It’ll be dark soon — very soon.

The Cat Mafia!

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On my way to work and I’ll be escorted by one of the members of the cat
mafia. 😉

Bulls in the Skybox

08 10 09 1924 PIC-0532.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

Matt got us some tickets to the skybox at the United Center and, well, it’s
gorgeous. It’s hard to imagine being anywhere but in this box, but there are
some great other seats around here. The food helps. And the 50″ TV. 😉

LN Bus Ad

08 10 03 1645 PIC-0531.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

Some of my handiwork: The banner on this bus was one I designed for Luna
Negra Dance Theater. And it’s finally time I got to capture one!