Cars: Hyuandai Azera Limited

08 02 29 1855 PIC-0169.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

Hyundai Azera. I think. I had to go outside and double-check. It’s an okay car. Fully loaded, butt-warmers and a decent audio system. We are headed to Michigan for Terri’s wedding (1 of 2) and are off to a late start. But all for a good cause!

I am

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I contemplate. I’m grateful. I feel full. I shoo anxiety. I am well. I am..

Yay Purple Line Express!

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I’m on the Purple Line for the first time this year. I’m on an errand to get E’s car from the dealership who seems to know not what they are doing. So I am prepared for battle — as though I’m going to the Apple Store but without the John Waynes. This merging of lives is nice and still new. I hope I grow into the role nicely.

The Fit

08 02 23 1630 PIC-0166.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

We looked at three apartments today. The first was spacious but dingy. The second small and… Well, small. The third was, by far, the nicest of the lot but the living room was in a strange spot and there really wasn’t a lot of closet space. *sigh* So we’re off car shopping, testing out the Fit on the tippy-top of the northside.

Fork in the road

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Today we are sitting at Sweet Thang and having one of those conversations you know changes your life forever. We just went through the paper and found a few apartments to interview. I’m excited and terrified. But mostly happy I’m on my way through a great adventure!


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The symphony. My goodness. Tonight will be so good. Mitsuko Uchida again, on stage but this time on the piano. She is marvelous and a breath of fresh color with a penguin-outfitted backdrop. And she plays the piano with a passion oft-reserved for lovemaking.

The Rig

08 02 19 1204 PIC-0163.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

When I’m bored I either stay bored or find ways to get unbored. In the last few weeks I did the latter and made some movies for work. And started my own Vimeo page for that.

I (will) see

08 02 18 1716 PIC-0162.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

It’s been two years with these eyeglasses so I went to America’s Best on Chris’ suggestion. So far so good. No one here. I’m next in line.

Heading home

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I’m happily enjoying another day off. Most others are too, but I’m happy to share the day. it’s unusual to go home at this hour from E’s, but I feel a nap is appropriate. Do some errands. Work on my book some more. Clean. Apartment search. Renting the car for next weekend. *sigh* So much to do.

Waiting for E

08 02 17 2110 PIC-0160.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

Just got the call from E. She’s here! Well nearly. I just have a few more minutes to wait. Meanwhile I’ve been enjoying k d lang’s new album “Watershed” and it’s lovely. I wonder if she’ll tour.