I miss you already


Dear Brogan,

Last night when I was doing the dishes I noticed how quiet the kitchen was. You weren’t in your usual spot in the corner. You weren’t under my feet trying or trying to find the hidden food by your drinking bowl. But I could still feel you and you were in the room watching me.

You’ve probably had a busy night getting processed and all. Perhaps getting a nice comfy blanket to rest on and some liver treats — the ones that stink to high heaven, pardon the pun. Whatever you find yourself doing today know that we all miss you down here.Tune into the apartment for the wake. Though we won’t be enjoying any of the treats you usually do (I’ll TRY to get the humans to eat your food, but you know how picky they are), there’ll be some good talk about you.

Thanks for looking out for all of us. Check in some time. We’ll be down here thinking of you.