Stupid day

08 01 30 2036 PIC-0121.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

I spent most of the day with my head buried in work wondering just what to do about the many thoughts running through my head. And although that burden is great, one must soldier forth.

I have two glimmers of hope, one yet to come. Mr Petersen wanted a new computer so I met him at the Apple Store. He picked himself out a new one and walked it home. I cannot tel you the joy it brings me to see an octogenerian walking down Michigan Avenue with brand new MacBook Pro in tow. It doesn’t make sense and yet it might be a perfect match. We went to the Coq d’Or at The Drake and I treated a simple meal and beer for him, a hamburger the size of my fist for me.

Next I will purge the evildoers in my brain with a visit to my rock of patience and understanding.