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I like photoshoots and this one is Michael’s. I have my own back at the office waiting for me.

Stupid day

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I spent most of the day with my head buried in work wondering just what to do about the many thoughts running through my head. And although that burden is great, one must soldier forth.

I have two glimmers of hope, one yet to come. Mr Petersen wanted a new computer so I met him at the Apple Store. He picked himself out a new one and walked it home. I cannot tel you the joy it brings me to see an octogenerian walking down Michigan Avenue with brand new MacBook Pro in tow. It doesn’t make sense and yet it might be a perfect match. We went to the Coq d’Or at The Drake and I treated a simple meal and beer for him, a hamburger the size of my fist for me.

Next I will purge the evildoers in my brain with a visit to my rock of patience and understanding.

“How about never?”

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Change is in the air again and it’s another nerve-wracking day in the office. We are in Steve’s office when I caught this cartoon. So perfect for today.

Ice-erase boards

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It’s bloody child out there! So cold that my wonderfully high-rise office space cannot keep up with defrosting the windows AND keeping the joint at a comfortable 72.

Sneaky girlfriend = happy boyfriend

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E is… Wonderful. She hid a couple things in my apartment, this being one of them. I love that girl!

Deacaux Pr0n?


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Apparently 70s porn is back in the form of advertising. I just got out of work, heading home on a day than started out in the 50s and has been take over by salt trucks. Crazy day. I’ll be glad to be home soon.


A couple new things on the websites. First thing, there’s a new header here. And at the tippy top you’ll see images from my pride and joy, the 1911 Smith No 5 Typewriter refurbished by Steve Kaczmierski. Took six months and was a fantastic Christmas present to myself. It’s in working condition and my first typing on it was for holiday gifts. Head on over to my website and the cover photo has changed. There are some updated photos in the Photolife section as well. Look for big updates in the very near future.

Art Show & Speak Out

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I met up with E and her friends for a night of many homeless youth performing with drums, dance or words. It was held at the third floor of the newly-opened Center on Halsted, the GBLT community center that’s been in the works for nearly 15 years. And now I can see the wonderful services they provide! There were several moments that just made me want to crawl out of my skin.

A grown-ups weekend

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It’s nice out. We are waiting at the Ashland bus at Irving Park. Time to meet Miss Jocelyn!

Slack is great… They give us chocolate milk!

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Yay! I love me some chocolate milk! We used to get the smaller containers of organic, but a whole two gallons of Dean’s works for me too. Goes well with… EVERYTHING!