At Zanies

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So we made it. There was a long line to get into Zanies (similar to a product launch for Apple). Incidentally, we’re here at the Pheasant Run Resort and the CTA’s union is also having a party. Seems a long way to go for me. *shrugs* We haven’t started yet, but the crowd is fun so far. And so are E’s relatives. Hope they make it out to the city later in the month.


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Tonight we’re on our way to St Charles to visit with some of E’s relatives. I’m excited! I haven’t been to a comedy club in a long time. Jeff Garlin, one of the characters from Curb Your Enthusiasm, will be there. I just hope he’s funny.

Baking, part II

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The best way to make cookies is on a cooking stone, which I originally purchased for making pizza. These cookies are perfect, whereas the ones on my traditional baking sheet are not so perfect.

Baking, part I

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So, I’m making snickerdoodles. Twelve dozen snickerdoodles. They’ll be split between E’s party this weekend and the company swap next Friday. I didn’t realize was that doesn’t all fit in my biggest cookie bowl. So I am splitting the recipe into two bowls. I thought I would have to use the slow cooker (nice, 8 cup capacity) but that didn’t work so well.

Beautiful morning

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My disco alarm just went off. It’s a beautiful morning, though all I wanna do is stay in bed. On an unrelated and belated note, check out this entry on The Effin’ Librarian blog E sent me. It’s cute and very appropriate.


Chinese New Year gift!!!

Oh, yes, the phone I have been waiting about six months for is finally out. AT&T just outed the Samsung BlackJack II, the successor to the very popular BlackJack phone release sometime in 2006. It’s not an iPhone, I know, but I don’t feel like being locked into another largely-un-expandable (unless you hack it), proprietary phone. And I’m through with Motorola unless they get their asses in gear. So, Samsung: save me and impress me!


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I had big plans to fix my speakers tonight, but the new foam wasn’t the right size. So I’ll have to wait to bring new life to the Advent/4s that were gifted to me by Jan.

Just the three of us

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We had weekend Metra passes so we decided to take the Metra home. I’ve never ridden so many times on the grown-up trains as I have. I cannot imagine taking this every day, but it’s nice to treat ourselves to proper rail from time to time.


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E and I are down here for Christkindlmarket Chicago, which takes place every year around this time. This is the first time I’ve ever been and I’m planing to do a little shopping for miscellaneous people.

Twinkly night and tourists

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So many people come into Chicago for shopping. I am supposed to be at Daley Plaza in five minutes, but with all this traffic it’ll be a miracle if I make it on time. There are HORDES of people snaking through on Michigan Avenue. The buses are not packed, but they’re slowed down by disrespectful cabs. If you’d just let us by…

Actually, I would love to see the city shut down Michigan Ave from Thanksgiving through Christmas to car traffic — buses and cabs only — and then it would be a little safer and easier to get through. The rest of the folks can use the outer drive to get downtown or the east/west streets to get to their hotels. That’s my 2¢ at least.