Halloween in the Gold Coast

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Just finished up with Mr Petersen and here we are again with the drunkos. Lots of fire and ambulances. Wonder what’s going on NOW. 



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Tonight I am meeting E’s parents. So we’re headed to suburbia after work. I am fascinated and excited. And a bit dressed up. You can’t see the abbreviated facial hair, but that’s even been tamed.


The Planetarium

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Ambie and I just left the Planetarium after a hard day’s work. We got a lot accomplished. I am exhausted, though. The weekend has been welcome an productive. Saturday E and I spent the entire day together and even turned in early. Getting up at 6:30a to get to Ambie’s place was a chore. Waking up next to someone you care for and trying to get out of bed… It’s the more difficult task I’ll do all day. We’re on our way to dinner, that Italian place in Lincoln Square that’s delicious.


Happy Birthday

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We’re at Hamburger Mary’s in Andersonville celebrating a birthday for one of E’s friends. Great place, but quite pricey. Let’ see what the night brings! 


First night of symphony

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My season starts tonight with Mozart, Turnage and Brahms conducted by Haitink. So with much work to do, I decided to hang out at the Starbucks near the Orchestra Hall. The queue’s so long, but there’s not a peep inside. Where are all these people headed? I’ll work. I have another hour before I have to go. 



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A surprise waited for me. E dropped by and left me two love notes. This one is public. The other will greet me every morning. Am I dreaming?


Windy City indeed

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It’s not known for the wind, but today the wind was kicking. Too much for me. But the sky was wonderful and the moon was huge. I’m off to see Mr Petersen and then back to work.

On a side note: It takes less time to speed-walk from work to Mr P’s than it does to take the 151. The CTA: Just a little better than walking.



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After working on the New Holland Construction and Kobelco work the last two weeks I couldn’t help but notice excavators and track loaders all over the city. Like ATMs, I will check out what’s working on what (in this case a Volvo). Comes in handy for reference.



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Bright neon colors on a cold, fall night. I take shelter under the hardware store opening to keep from getting rained on but the cold slices through my shirt anyway. After a near-miss returning the car downtown (I was 31 minutes late — the grace period is 29) all my stuff ended up in E’s place. So she’s nice enough to return me home with my laundry one day late. We’ve spent the last four days together and… Wow.



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Getting ready for the Olympics in 2008 Chicago is hosting the AIBA boxing tournie here. In typical Chicago fashion, we must now have a parade and block off several road right at rush hour.