CCM August Arrests

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They’re arresting cyclists!!! We just wanna go east! Let us go east!

My handywork at Redmoon

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Some of my handy work at Redmoon. Kass and I make a good team! And it’s my last day before vacation!!!

To Redmoon in the S40

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In the Volvo again heading to Redmoon Theatre. Woohoo!

My birthday

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It’s not too often I am surprised for my birthday. But this year, with E, I couldn’t have asked for anything more! I got a fantastic bag and coupons for all sorts of things, including an all-out photo day! Homemade ginger brownies. Wine. Candles. Who could ask for a better gift or a better person in my life?

I will miss the moon

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Riding home and the moon is bright over my spot on the Lake. I will miss you, moon, when I’m gone.

Oh, those hills ARE alive

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The last of the movies in the Chicago Outdoor Film Festival, we close with the Sound of Music. Not as many people as I would’ve hoped from our crew, but I am still happy to be here.

Uncle Ron: Take me home!

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Waiting for the 146. The 145. The 148. The 151. I don’t care: I JUST WANNA GO HOME!

On the bus again

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Heading to work in the morning. It’s like a mobile office here.

Rufus Wainwright at Ravinia

Rufus Wainwright at Ravinia

E and I went to Ravinia. We laid out on the lawn that was recently ravaged by the storm that came through a few days ago. She packed a most delicious spread courtesy of Whole Foods: Chicken. A Mexican dip. Curried Chicken. Wine. Chips. Orzo. Strawberries. Being on the lawn at Ravinia is great because you can’t see the stage anyway. The sound is fantastic. So we took to cuddling instead, enjoying each other’s company and checking out the people around us. So many people. I bought the album from one of the opening bands. I hope to have that uploaded to the Music page soon.

Movies in Oak Park

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E and I are straddling the Continental Divide. How romantical.