Which is a good thing.

Getting up


The city is alive in the middle of the day. I’m off to the store to pick something up for E tonight before the BBQ. I’m excited!

Crowd Control

Cars: Mini Cooper, again

Mini Cooper

I needed to do some running around to get the fixin’s for the aracherra tomorrow night at E’s friend’s BBQ. I’m excited, and a bit nervous this won’t turn out right. The car is a little easier to manage when it’s in Drive, not the manumatic. Maybe it needs that turbo. Maybe it just needs to be new.

MitP: “Double Indemnity”

Steve, Chris, E and I meet up for Double Indemnity at the Movies in the Park. I love watching movies outdoors. E brought drunken watermelon. That’s a whole watermelon and a whole fifth of Voddie. Mmm. That’s not all of it. This movie is filled with the craziest lines:

“Ten times twice as hard.”

“More fun than a car full of monkeys.”

“…As sure as ten times buys you a dollar.”

Plus the many mentions of “baby” when referring to the main character Phyllis, played by Barbara Stanwyck. It makes chauvenism funny ha-ha.

The dawn of a new backend

Not plastic surgery. My journal is now powered by Word Press instead of Movable Type. It’s allegedly more robust and a lot easier to deal with, especially the themes. I will also be able to blog via e-mail. So I can add a post on the fly from my mobile, including adding photos. We’ll see how this goes.

Party three: At E’s Friend’s Place

The third party of the evening E and I, with Chris, go all the way to the north side. They’re playing a game when we walk in. It took a while to get the hang of what they were playing. Eventually, we got involved and, despite drinking lots, we did create some new games and had a bunch of fun. Not to mention the drinks. Whew!!! They were incredible!

Chris in a hat

Chris in a cowboy hat.

Roberto in a hat

R0berto in a cowboy hat.

Party two: Nikki’s birthday

Nikki's birthday party

Sitting at a table in the middle of the backyard, the Slackers, Chris, E and I took over and chatted the night away. In the background Breakfast at Tiffany’s plays. The other table hosts the birthday cake. The rest of the party is sprawled on three floors of rear deck or JP’s apartment. Nikki and three others shared this birthday. Catered. Bartender. DJ. Nice.

Party one: Roberto’s brother’s baby shower

To introduce E to the “family” the universe decided that it should all happen on one day. So today’s the day we’ve both been nervous for: three parties, three groups of friends, all rolled into one, 24-hour marathon. We start with Roberto’s brother’s baby shower on the north side. But, beforehand, a quick detour to Target to get a gift.


Dinkels' parking

To start this day off right, I head over to Dinkel’s for some breakfast treats for E and I. As it turns out, they’re STILL working on the streetscaping. So I parked where I could — including on top of this little traffic sign. Hey! Where are my loops?!