La Creperie w/Elysia


Second date, we’re going to see “Sicko”. But, we must eat so French sounded good. At this table in the photo are a dozen or so very dressed up women who are out for a bachelorette party. In true trixie form, no one else exists. The poor women sitting next to us kept inching toward us as they flailed their cigarettes and bodies every which way. (Because, of course, no one exists but them.) Ahhh! I love my city!

CCM June

29-06-07_1927.jpg, originally uploaded by dharder9475.

“That SUV makes you look fat” might be hard to read, but it’s a great bumper sticker — even if it’s on a bike.

Cubs vs Brewers

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Another Cubs game, this time versus Milwaukee. I’m here with Chris and Frank, and we sold the third ticket to a scalper who made a nice 100% profit on the experience. Poor woman.

Leaving early

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The Cubs game is this afternoon and I’m on my way. Woohoo! Then it’s Critical Mass. What a long day!

The lake, my hero

Dear Lake Michigan,

I heard you watching us, licking the rocks on the shore beneath our feet. You sought deep into my soul and felt my inner most feelings. Please give us the patience and strength to get through this precarious part. I know I ask a lot, but you where my heart lies. You know the truth.


Gay Pride!

Chicago Gay Pride 2007

It’s been a few years, but I decided to head out there and enjoy the day. It’s just two blocks from home, so why not. I met Chris there with a couple empanadas and some Guarana Antartica. Mmm. Then we met up with Roberto and drank some Mike’s Hard Lemonades. I know that 7-11 made out like a bandit today!

I took photos on Chris’ camera, besides the ones above.

Wynton at Ravinia

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Heading to Ravinia to meet with Pamela and her friends for a jazz concert. She’s in town with her sister who works for Wynton Marsalis. I’m excited!

Getting back from Midway

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I was just in Kansas City and now I’m waiting for the bus. Where’s that damned 151?!? And why aren’t they done with this building? Grr!

Me and Hannah

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She’s small, beautiful, burpy, and warm. But she’s the cutest baby ever! I leave in a few hours for home.