Last night I was obsessing about the brakes on my bike. So I went to the bike shop and bought a new one. I brought it home. This installation involved drilling a larger hole into the bike’s frame and fork to allow for this special bolt that attaches the brake to the bike. Well, I didn’t have one large enough. It’s 8:00p. I call Home Depot and find out they’re open until 10:00p. So I dash down there, buy two drill bills, and head back north. Pssssssssshhhhhht! AGAIN! I cannot believe this! Third flat in a month!

I walk the bike up Halsted and returned my mom’s phone call. I get home around 9:30p or so passing everyone and their boyfriend on a beautiful night. All the bars are wide open and everyone’s giddy with this weather. When I get home, I bust out the drill and start to working. I do some ghetto-solves to get the front brake to work — this is the first time I’ve ever done this on a bike. Much swearing and noises were made.

Short story long… 11:00p and the work’s done and my hands are nice and dirty. The brakes work excellently and the rear tire held out through the morning commute! I’m glad to have two stoppers on this rig again.