“Notes on a Scandal” and today in general

Judi and Cate are great. Worth seeing, and especially a bargain at $1.05 thanks to the red box downstairs. I use Judi today and channel her words — rather her character’s words — through my fingers.

Getting caught up after a little bit. Putting things right. One imagine’s that it’s sussed correctly. But a quick flick of a tongue, the dart of a word and you’re instantly lost or, worse, back where you started. It took four minutes, thirty-six seconds to put my mind at ease yesterday for my witless flick and, now, today I cast a shadow three meters by the high beams of a speeding M5. I’m dumbfounded and transfixed by my inability to learn from my past and understand myself.

It must be done. It must be done quickly so I can spare the torment. But what to do?