Dinner with Ambie

Chez Joey in Little Italy

We were going to go to Rosebud to begin with, but ended up with Chez Joel. And that’s not bad! This place is delicious and well worth the bumbling around. We tried other restaurants, but nothing was available. Who knew!

Getting another car

On the way to ORD

Tomorrow morning I’m going to go fishing with Matt VW from work, so I am going to get a car really quick. It’s WAY up in Waukegan — the fishing. But, first, dinner with Ambie!

CCM April 2007, end

Critical Mass April 2007, return

So we ended up in Hyde Park. Maybe about 20 of the original 500+. Michael, Jillian and I are on our way back. Well, Jillian and I are. Michael’s about a mile or two ahead

CCM April 2007, start

Critical Mass April 2007

The ride will start west on Wacker. Who knows where’s we’re going to finish.

On the way back from CLE


It’s been a long couple of days. Every good photoshoot is worthy of a margarita, especially before boarding the plane.



After being on your feet for ten hours straight, on concrete, in the middle of nowhere, you get tired. Fast. I crash after a very hot shower.

Photoshoot: Day Two — the shoot


We’re set up for the first shot. I’m glad we did come in a half-day early because, if not, we would’ve been screwed. Seriously screwed. The set is ready and now we’re just waiting for the talent to be made up, dressed up and placed.

Photoshoot: Day One — the setup


We are in the middle of nowhere. One of our clients keeps a warehouse nearby of all their products. We get to use this space to make the photo happen, which is fantastic! It’s crateland. It’s quiet. And it’s lovely to be in the middle of Ohio. After a hearty vietnamese meal and banter, we start working and get this set set up.

A meeting


I got out of the staff meeting only to be met with another. This time at the client’s offices downtown. Being there at 8:15a meant a very early start. But, by the time you get back to the office, you have answers and the day’s half over. Too bad this is my last day in the office for the rest of the week. Photoshoot!

The ugly part of my job


Being superficial isn’t cool. But in the case of art director work, it’s imperative that you are a snap judger of everything from people to type to layout. In this case I have to find 15 people — out of 100 or more — for a photoshoot in three days. Usually we have a week. And they’re usually professional talent.