CSO w/Uchida

Dear Claire:

You probably already know but I just saw the most amazing concert tonight. Mitsuko Uchida was the guest conductor and also played the piano. I have been looking forward to this concert since I renewed my subscription for the season. I am convinced that sitting in the terrace is my favorite thus far (thanks for encouraging me to take a chance on these seats). There were three pieces starting and ending with Mozart and a Beethoven in the middle. Although the music itself was moving it was Ms Uchida who arrested me emotionally. She wasn’t a piano player… she was a dancer. She wasn’t a conductor… she was an actress. Because she was busy playing she conducted with facial expressions. In the final movement she alternated between playing piano and waved with a fever. When she finished, a complete standing ovation for nearly ten minutes. Wow.

Check out the piece I mentioned on my Music page.