The Watermelon Asshole Brigade

It’s not often I am so violently offended by traffic blocking. Living in a city of three million you sorta get used to the lazy-mindedness of your fellow dwellers. But this morning there was a trio, separated only by time and space. Here we go:

The Green Husk: On the 135 I was sitting in the back back over the hump and a lovely, French-accented young woman asked the gentleman in the green shirt and expensive glasses to scoot up to let some more passengers on the slinky bus. He scuffed, “I don’t understand you.” She repeated her claim and motioned him closer. He resisted, then understood. He advanced one step up. “Oh, yeah, one step.” And then he retreated one step and continued to use up three times as much space as he needed reading the Red Eye.

The Pink Bits: In the queue at Cosi for my usual medium skim chai (not dirty) there was an unusually large number of people. So, instead of stretching across the hallway I started turning the line to the wall. This schmuck in a pink shirt decides to start his own queue and stretch it across the hallway, then restarted by someone else going in a different direction.

The Seed: My most favorite of all is the woman at the cash register dressed as if to honor Johnny Cash. After lollygagging to make a decision on a beverage (she orders a simple latte), she then proceeds to reorganize her billfold after receiving change from the order taker.


In snooping around we discover an empty room buried in the back of the campus. There five of us. I know we work together, but I don’t know anyone by name or face. We’ve decided to turn this into a create playland, something that Jerry Hirschberg created in his book The Creative Priority. It’s messy. Loud. Open-aired. And each station is makeshift. Computers galore, of course, but there’s a huge array of manual things: typewriters, drafting tables. It was lovely.

Backpacking 101

After an arduous, 60-minute commute home (what is normally 20) and a 15-mile commute to Niles, IL, I end up at REI for a Backpacking 101. Scott was the speaker tonight and he was VERY informative. I definitely learned a lot. I was thinking I would have to probe the depths of Jeff’s brain on a marathon phone session, but Scott proved to be knowledgeable enough and not too sales-y. I ended up buying a sleeping bag to go with the tent I got a few weeks ago. Just a few more things and I will be all ready. I am considering Kettle Morraine North Park in Wisconsin, about 2-1/2 hours north, for my first trip maybe at the beginning of June if I can swing it. Something quick, maybe a two-nighter.

No 13

I thought this was mere superstition, but as they’re building the new Trump Tower on the river I noticed there are three lifts up the side of the building for people and supplies. But there’s no 13. There are two 14s, which I assume means a very tall 14th floor. Very interesting. Wikipedia has more information on this superstition.


Would’ve been illegal not to ride today. I did 27 miles in just over two hours. Not bad, but not my usual ride to the Botanical Gardens. Maybe later in the month. Or next month. A beautiful ride nonetheless. It was about 76 degrees and the sun wasn’t beating down. Perfect day for a ride.



Today I went to pick up the Selectric II that was in the shop getting cleaned out. Last week it was dropped off and I was told it was bought in 1978. Today it looks like when it was brand-new. Now I have to be patient on the Smith No 5.

Some more history on the guy who started the company and typewriters in general.

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Such a beautiful night. I went to buy The Right Stuff and ended up with Spaceballs from Virgin instead. Going to check out Borders to see if they have it.

What the hell…


On my way home from the Small Talk and there’s a line of three double buses for Police Activity. How ominous. Getting to Michigan Ave and they’re crawling all over the place. Streets and Sanitation are taking away the dividers. What was going on? Must be a parade or something.

{ Later… I didn’t realize the fourth anniversary of the war was tonight and there was a protest. }

Small talk


On my way to SGDP and I am VERY early as usual. It starts at 6:00p. They’re redoing the tracks over here by replacing the old platforms and putting the on the old. I don’t know how well that’s going to work. But Franklin is gloomy. It needs paint at least. Pretty. Like this.

Drink? Not!


As predicted another long day at work. I was kicking myself for not riding in this morning. It’s got to be nearly 60 degrees outside, which is perfect for riding. I was invited by Michael and Cori to drinks, but I wanted to ride and be on the lake. I ran out as soon as I could, got home on the 145 and grabbed the Schwinn. I rode down to Nancy’s for two slices of stuffed spinach and planted myself in my favorite spot: the dark area off Diversey and the Lakefront Trail. I cleaned my bike and shot this shot.