I know it’s coming, so I’ll head it off with an hour of work before Monday starts. Then ABCC. Then the play with Patrick. Nervously, yet confidently, I’m looking for it. What am I going to wear?

Sixty-five degrees


I slept with the window open. We ate outside last night. Drove with the window down a little bit. I could smell the air, the sweetness of foliage. It’s going to hurt to leave this place.

What’s a sky harbor


First time in Arizona, like the first time I was in Iowa, thanks to one of my clients and an unsuspecting photoshoot. This was a long shot, but here we are. Just landed from a four hour westward flight on United. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to UAL, though.

The last opera

Ambie and I went to see Dialogues of the Carmelites, the last of the series that Claire’s son gifted me. This one’s in French so I hope it’ll make sense.

While I’m here, how to describe a musical opera, like Der flaudermaus or Cosi fan tutte? Ambie looked at me funny when I tried that it was more happy and such. But… Of course… Opera is all music, all singing. then I mentioned Evita and I got lost myself. Oh well. I know what I mean.



Nothing for miles and miles and miles. But I am sleepy so I’ll nap instead.



Back to Michigan. Michael’s with me and with a pair of ridiculous sunglasses. Oh, and we’re an hour late before we even start.



Finding a cab at 3:00a after a long, very long day at work, makes me wonder why I didn’t just ride my bike to work today.



Friday before the weekend of Dead Presidents or any holidays means less traffic. This morning it means less buses, too.

Snow blanket


A bunch more than a half-foot of snow and an icy river makes for a winter wonderland that makes you stare, but then you realize it’s 2 below and you can’t for risk of dying.