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My photo in Barometer

So excited when my photos are used around the Internet. This was one posted by Barometer who “presents the best of the global blogosphere. We expose readers to compelling, insightful, relevant and well argued blog articles from around the world.” My photo is the one of the left of the image above or you’ll see it (for who knows how long).

Simple, delicious food explosions!

One of my co-workers recommends food bomb. Not only is it a fantastically beautiful way of showing off food, it also shows how to do an effective explosion drawing of daily, everyday foods. And without a Cray supercomputer to do the 3D modeling, either.

Coke Zero’s Facial Profiler

Take a world-renowned brand, Facebook integration and your webcam and match yourself with another user on the site. I would’ve LOVED a celebrity match up, but this is brilliant use of the technology and a great way to keep interaction levels high on the site. And, while you’re waiting, you’re treated to product imagery. Thought you may ask yourself, “What’s the point,” it definitely does match up with their brand persona.

It’s also a REALLY creepy way to meet a twin… Hm…

Check out the Coke Zero Facial Profiler for yourself.