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008/365: States of winter waters



The snow continues to fall. Tonight I went out for a local view of the weather and noticed our storm door was frozen in some parts, water in some and clear in some. The hundred-year-old door is doing its job, but the new metal one isn’t.

004/365: Unused by snow


The first big snow of 2015 blankets out backyard and makes the disused furniture seem out of place.

Watching me, watching you

One of the squirrels in the backyard attacks a pumpkin like it was the last meal of the year. Which considering the weather in November it might have been his last chance to score some winter viddles.

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Snomageddonopocolypse 2011 [Update 2]

So much to share with everyone!

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When you spend an hour unburying your car from the Snowmageddon, you want to make sure your spot is there. So you do dibs on your space. It’s an unspoken law in Chicago and it’s a subject of some controversy. Here are some I found today. I will call them dibs props.