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Vacation Photography: Thunder Bay, Ontario

I haven’t been to Ontario in a long, long time. I remember so many beautiful places and greenery that, when it came time to vacation this year, we hopped in the car and headed north. Thunder Bay is the provincial seat for many services, so although it’s not a massive city it is an important one. And a diverse one, not only with people but terrain.

Here are only a handful of all the photos I took. The others are on Flickr for your enjoyment.

The lonely tree

Outside of Thunder Bay we visited the top of Fort William with a view of the entire city from way on high. It was also a place of great information with references to the natives of this space.

Playing in water

Near the pier kids play in the water. It was a beautiful day for it as well, but the combination of silhouette and lens flare made me love this photo more. It also captures the feeling of serenity and simplicity we were going for on our trip.

Sunset sailing

Given that we were on vacation and I’ve never done one on a sailboat, we decided to take a sunset cruise around the bay. The sky was a brilliant color and other than the few clouds peppering the night it was a perfect day — especially for photography.

Red-shirt fisherman

A day trip took us to the town of Dorion off the Trans-Canada Highway. It was a total fluke that we visited this space. Nearly no one was there, except this guy fishing as his family played in the water not too far away.


In all the years I have been in Chicago I haven’t actually been to the Chicago Botanic Garden. At least not to look at the beautiful plants and flowers, but to ride there at the end of the North Branch Trail. After doing a tour of the greenhouses in the area, we decided to spend an entire day outside.

Bokeh'd water fountain

A beautiful bokeh effect off one of the shimmering ponds with direct sunlight overhead. I am used to larger bokehs, but this one is nice because they’re like champagne.

The fountains of the esplanade

There were a few fountains, and so I thought I would start to play with shooting water jets at high speed. The results don’t look anything like water.

Boy waiting for parents

This little boy was sitting in the pagoda waiting for his family to return. He was quiet and peaceful.

Walking between the trees

One of the walkways is lined with beautifully manicured trees, leading you into a blue sky.

Purple flowers

I rarely see purple or blue flowers in the wild, so I was very delighted to see so many here. These were all grouped together. That hint of purple in there also made it so pretty.

Yellow flower

The Gardens also offer opportunity for more timid plants. In the shade, this little yellow flower looked almost surprised to see us.

Hidden leaves

And this green plant almost seemed to wake up when we came up to it.

Cannot wait to get back out there. In the six or so hours we were out there I discovered the need for a macro lens. So one of these times I will head out there with a rental and see how that’s different.